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Justice for Jimmy

Phoenix Investigations is currently conducting our third homicide investigation on St. John, US Virgin Islands.  On January 18, 2014, Jimmy Malfetti was murdered during a burglary at his residence on Boatman Point Road.  We have aggressively investigated this case and have made great progress.  We believe a successful conclusion and prosecution are imminent but we know there are those on the island that have critical information regarding this case, such as the location of Jimmy’s property.  We are asking for anyone with any information to contact us, confidentially, at or (305) 814-9691.  Your call or email will remain confidential and your identity will be protected.  Additional information regarding this horrific and senseless crime can be found at Justice for Jimmy.



Jimmy Malfetti, cousin/son/nephew/friend/software specialist, was murdered during a home robbery,…

Island Murder Mystery

Phoenix Investigations is honored to have reached the successful conclusion of a homicide investigation that received national media coverage on CNN and Fox News. This case involved the violent murder of a U.S. citizen while visiting a Caribbean U.S. Property. Todd Phoenix and his staff traveled to this U.S. Property and conducted an extensive investigation, which included numerous witness interviews, review of the crime scene and evidence collection procedures. As a result of Phoenix Investigations efforts the suspects were identified, arrested and successfully prosecuted for this terrible murder. This was the second homicide investigation conducted on a Caribbean U.S. Property by Phoenix Investigations. Please follow the attached links for media coverage of this case: – Island Murder Mystery


Our first murder investigation in the Caribbean, in 2005, also involved an extremely violent homicide and arson. An adult victim and his child were viciously attacked in their home. The house was then set ablaze to destroy the crime scene and any evidence. One victim was violently murdered and the second victim very seriously injured. Phoenix Investigations identified multiple suspects as a result of their investigation. This resulted in the successful arrest and prosecution of multiple suspects. They are now serving lengthy prison sentences.

Phoenix Investigations was recently contacted to provide consultation on a fourth murder investigation on this Caribbean island.

Additionally, we recently conducted a major investigation involving the theft of over $300,000.00 in commercial equipment. Through our efforts, suspects were identified and the case referred to law enforcement for prosecution.