License #A2300191


Death Investigations:
Our staff has conducted numerous death investigations ranging from homicide and suicide to accidental deaths. Our level of experience is difficult to match in this sensitive area of investigation. Our staff includes a former homicide detective and a crime scene technician with extensive experience in a major metropolitan environment. Both are accepted as expert witnesses in their respective fields.

Phoenix Investigations is staffed by a team of investigators with extensive surveillance experience. We provide surveillance in support of workers’ compensation and insurance defense, as well as domestic and child-custody related matters. We also offer surveillance services to protect company assets. This ranges from stationary surveillance of the work-place location to mobile surveillance of employees who may travel as part of their duties. Rates are determined based on the surveillance location and the client’s specific needs.

Insurance Defense:
In addition to insurance defense surveillance, Phoenix Investigations also offers detailed witness interviews, supplemental accident investigations, accident scene or vehicle photography, EUO’s (Examination Under Oath) and clinic inspections. As a long-term contractor to the insurance industry, we have amassed extensive experience providing support to the insurance industry.

With a wealth of law enforcement experience, our staff is unmatched in conducting witness interviews. Our timely interviews and written documentation detailing the interviews often proves to be the critical difference in the support of civil, criminal or liability cases.

Background Investigations:
In today’s climate, information is everything.  From pre-employment to pre-relationship and everything in between; a comprehensive background investigation can be the most useful tool at your disposal to avoid workplace violence, liability, identify theft and any number of business and personal safety issues.  Contact us for an investigative plan custom-tailored toy our specific needs regarding these critical investigations.

Trial Preparation/Consulting:
The expert staff at Phoenix Investigations is always available for attorney and media consultation on critical cases regarding police policy, procedure and evidence gathering techniques or private investigative practices. Our investigative consultants and recognized expert witnesses frequently assist in several aspects of trial preparation. From police report and investigative activity reviews to witness statement verification, we analyze cases to determine improper or poorly executed law enforcement investigations or omissions of critical commonly accepted and recognized evidence gathering techniques. Phoenix Investigations also maintains a network of experts in other investigative fields. Contact us today to see how we can assist you!